Space Heroines of El Andoo

In space, women can do anything... except be friends with other women.  But Day, Padma, Gen, and Kari are out to prove that (and other sci-fi tropes) wrong as they shoot for the stars on El Andoo.

Contested Strip

Contested Strip by Megan & Meghan is the world's best comic about Ultimate Frisbee. It's been called "brilliant," "bitingly satiric," "laugh out loud funny" and "just plain goofy" by ultimate players. To everyone else, it's probably just "confusing."  

Leave Me in LaLaLand

LMILLL is a semi-autobiographical strip about zombie ex-boyfriends, cat-like girlfriends, and life in Los Angeles. It ran as part of Autostraddle's Saturday Morning Cartoons from 2014-2017. (yes, long before that Ryan Gosling movie)

More Comics SOON!

More Comics SOON!

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